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Kuranda Dog Beds

Kuranda USA

Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company established in 1987 and based in Annapolis, Maryland.  In the late 1980’s they manufactured a circular dog bed designed in Australia. It was an excellent bed but was costly to make and ship. Kuranda USA discontinued manufacture of the circular bed in 1995 when they designed the original rectangular dog bed (the RDB) which was an immediate hit. In 1998 they introduced the poly resin bed. In 2003 Kuranda USA came out with the aluminum version of the poly resin bed. 

Kuranda USA, Inc.

796 Cromwell Park Dr

Suite A
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone 410-761-9551
Fax 410-761-9555
Toll free 800-752-5308
Toll free from US & Canada 800-494-7122


Kuranda Europe

Kuranda Europe started in 2014 and is based in Hindeloopen, The Netherlands. Karel R. Nijholt and Esmae Minne are the owners of the official and exclusive distributor of Kuranda Dog Beds in Europe and Russia. 
Both Karel and Esmae have a great passion for dogs. 

Kuranda Europe

Office adress
Street: Madenlaan 1
Zipp:  8713 JE
City: Hindeloopen

Country : The Netherlands

Street: Wetterkant 10
Zipp: 8401 GC
City: Gorredijk
Country : The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 88 KURANDA  (+31(0) 88 587 26 32)

Karel Nijholt email: karel@kuranda.eu
Esmae Minne: esmae@kuranda.eu